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Vadi Nu Shaak
Vadi Nu Shaak is often prepared during the summer season when vegetables are not easily available. This Vadi Nu Shaak recipe requires no vegetables and is very quick to prepare. In this recipe we will fry the onion paste nicely till it turns golden brown. This gives a nice taste to this Gujarati Vadi Nu Shaak recipe. You should enjoy this recipe with hot phulkas. Try out this quick & tasty Vadi Nu Shaak recipe and do comment, like and share.

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  • Vadis
  • 1 Onion
  • 1-1.5 Inch of Ginger (Adrak)
  • 8-10 Garlic Cloves (Lehsun)
  • 2-3 Pieces of Coconut (Nariyal)
  • ½ Teaspoon Turmeric Powder
  • 1-1.5 Teaspoon Dhana Jeera Powder
  • 1-1.5 Teaspoon Red Chili (Lal Mirch) Powder
  • ¾ Teaspoon Garam Masala
  • Coriander Leaves (Dhania)
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Oil


  1. Make a paste of ginger, garlic cloves, coconut and onion.
  2. Shallow fry the vadis and remove it in a bowl.
  3. Now heat some oil and add the paste. Fry it well. Make it nice golden brown. You can add salt to fasten this process.
  4. Add turmeric powder, red chili powder, dhana jeera powder and garam masala. Mix it well. 5. Add coriander leaves and stir it. 6. Add the fried vadis and mix well. 7. Add water for gravy. Let it come to a boil and then close lid. Cook for 5-7 minutes.
  5. Vadi Nu Shaak is ready.

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