Toast Sandwich | Street Style Sandwich | Mumbai Street Food Recipes


Toast Sandwich | Street Style Sandwich | Mumbai Street Food Recipes
Today we will make simple but tasty Toast Sandwich recipe. In this Toast Sandwich recipe in Gujarati we have used a special Sandwich Masala. The recipe for this special sandwich masala is given below. This sandwich recipe is prepared the way it is prepared on the streets of Mumbai. This Mumbai toast sandwich is very quick to make. So do try out this sandwich recipe on Gujarati Rasoi and do let me know how was it. Toast Sandwich - Mumbai Street Style Recipe Video :

  • 2 Bread Slices
  • Boiled Potato Slices
  • Tomato Slices
  • Onion Slices
  • Cucumber Slices
  • Boiled Beetroot Slices
  • Green Chutney
  • Sandwich Masala
  • Butter
  1. Cut the edges of bread slices.
  2. Now apply butter and green chutney on both the bread slices.
  3. On one bread slice place cucumber slices and tomato slices. Sprinkle some sandwich masala.
  4. Place onion slices beetroot slices and potato slices. Sprinkle some more Sandwich Masala on the vegetable slices.
  5. Close the sandwich and toast it well. While toasting the sandwich apply butter on both sides.
  6. Cut the sandwich and apply butter on top of it and also some green chutney. Mumbai Toast Sandwich is ready.
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