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French Fries
French Fries are very easy to make and is a recipe that is simply tempting. There is a special way to make the perfect French fries recipe. In this gujarati recipe video I will show you how to make French fries at home step by step. You can make these fries more tasty by adding some red chili powder, chaat masala and some salt. And another variant of this recipe can be French fries loaded with melted cheese and some chili flakes, jalapenos and oregano. Try out this easy French fries recipe at home and let me know about the taste in the comment box.
  • Potatoes
  • Oil
  • Salt
  • Red Chili (Lal Mirch) Powder
  • Chaat Masala
  1. Peel medium sized potatoes. Now cut it from the sides and from bottom and top to make it almost straight. Now cut slices with medium thickness and cut the slices into fries.
  2. Put the fries in a bowl with water to separate the starch. Drain the water and add fresh water and repeat the process 4-5 times to completely remove the starch.
  3. Dry the fries using a towel and place them on a plate.
  4. In simmering oil deep fry the fries till they are half cooked. Keep the gas flame slow to medium to avoid the oil from becoming too hot. Drain the oil using a strainer.
  5. Let the fries cool down and then put it in freezer for 30 minutes.
  6. Now in boiling hot oil deep fry the fries till it is crunchy and crispy.
  7. Add salt to the fries and toss them to make salted French fries.
  8. For chatpata fries add red chili powder, chaat masala and salt.