2 Mouth Watering Street Style Pani Puri Recipe at Home

Pani Puri is an all time favorite recipe. This street food recipe is characterized by the crunchy puri, spicy filling and sweet and sour pani. Pani Puri is a like different kind of flavors packed in small puri. Pani Puri is made in several ways and it varies from place to place. Pani puri is called by different names like Golgappa in Delhi, Puchka in Kolkata  or just Pani Puri in Mumbai.
Today in this article we will highlight 2 amazing pani puri recipes.

1. Pani Puri with Potato Filling

This type Pani Puri is similar to Golgappa recipe of Delhi. There are 3 preparations in any Pani Puri recipe namely the puri, the pani (spiced water) and the filling. The puri is usually prepared from a mixture of plain flour and rava. In case of this recipe the filling consists of boiled potatoes, chana and some spices. While the pani consists of fresh mint leaves, lush green coriander leaves, green chili, ginger and a palette of maslas. These masala include black salt, chaat masala and jeera powder. 
So with all our preparations ready, make a cavity in the puri, add the filling and pour some pani. Top is with some dates-tamarind chutney and some boondis. 

2. Ragda Pani Puri

Ragda Pani Puri is a popular Street Food of Mumbai. This popular ragda pani puri recipe is often enjoyed on the pleasant Chowapatty beach of Mumbai. The main ingredient of this recipe is the Ragda. Ragda is prepared from white peas and boiled potatoes along with some traditional masalas and hint of ginger and green chilies. The ragda acts as a filling for the puri. 

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