Top Must Try Street Food Recipes of Surat by Gujarati Rasoi

Surat is the 'Food Capital' of India with amazing varieties of food items like Undhiyu, Khaja, Locho, Khakhra, Ghari and many more mouth watering dishes. Street Food of Surat holds a special place in the palette of food offered by the Diamond City of Surat. It is a popular folklore that for an eternal divinity one must taste the food of Surat. In this article we have highlighted some of the popular Surti Delicacy.

1. Surti Locho

The first food item that would come to your mind about Surat would be the delicious Surti Locho. Surti Locho consists of chana dal and urad dal that gives is it a sticky and fluffy texture. The previously mentioned dals are soaked and are grinded into a paste, some condiments are added and the resultant mixture is steamed. Surti Locho is topped with the Locho Masla, some green chutney and generous amount of butter. 

2. Veg Khawsa

Khawsa is traditionally a Burmese dish. But Surat has given its own taste and essence to this traditional Burmese recipe. Surti Veg Khawsa is a combination of various individual elements like Coconut soup, rice noodles and the popular Surti Masala Papdi. The addition of ingredients like ginger, green chili, chaat masala, spring onions, garlic chutney and the papdi makes Khawsa a dish close to the food culture of Surat.

3. Rander Aloo Puri

Aloo Puri recipe of Rander (An area in the Old Surat City) is another gem from the streets of Surat. Surti people believe in simple but tasty and lip smacking food. The food culture of Surat has elevated the simple combination of aloo (potato) sabji and puri to an another level by adding flavors like kokum, jaggery, spring onions and the crunchiness of sev. This recipe is totally simple to make but equally tempting to eat.
The presentation of this recipe is very different than traditional Aloo Puri recipe. On bite sized puri, a ragda consisting of potatoes and white peas is placed and than it is topped with various chutneys, spring onions and generous amount of sev.

4. Jalaram Masala Khakhra

Jalaram is a popular foodie paradise located in Nanpura area of Surat. The masala Khakhra served here displays the sheer creativity and foodieness of the city of Surat. Jalaram with it's culinary wit transforms a simple Khakhra into a mouth watering delicacy. The humble Khakhra is applied a unique combination of chutneys, some lemon juice followed by a topping of some freshly cut veggies and finally generous amount of crispy, crunchy sev and creamy and delicious cheese. This cheesilicious khakhra is difficult to resist.

5. Collegian

Collegian is a popular street snack available all across the city It is a mixture of salted peanuts, some vegetables, some masalas and hint of lemon juice mixed together to form a snack that you can hold it in your hand and eat it while walking on the streets of Surat. This simple recipe is a nice evening snack to enjoy.
Get the full recipe here: 

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