5 Easy-Peasy Mango Recipes For Those Who Just Can’t Have Enough Aam This Summer

Mango the king of fruit is the most versatile and adorable ingredient to create easy and tasty recipes instantly.
Here is the list of 5 quick mango recipes to make at home

1. Mango Mastani

This iconic recipe of Pune acts as a thirst quencher and cooler in the summer heat. It consists of combination of mango pulp and cream topped with ice cream, loaded with dry fruits and some jelly. This creamy mango recipe can be excellent dessert recipe to enjoy after a sumptuous meal.

2. Spicy & Tangy Raw Mango Sabji

This recipe consists a mouth smacking combination of spicy, tangy and sweet flavor. In this sabji recipe of raw mango we have added a palette of spices like cardamom, red chili, cinnamon and a hint of black salt. This sabji can be prepared quickly at home and is best enjoyed with steamed rice.

3. Raw Mango Sharbat

This sharbat is very easy to make and requires hardly 3-4 ingredients. The best part of this recipe is that you can store this concentrate sharbat in the refrigerator and whenever you wish to sip the goodness of raw mangoes, pour some concentrate in a glass, add some water, some ice and enjoy.

This sharbat recipe is not only tasty but is a healthy sharbat recipe. Juice of raw mangoes along with rock sugar (khadi shakar) can absorb the heat from your body and re-energize you. So this recipe would be a healthy cooler to drink this summer instead of aerated drinks like Pepsi and Mirinda.

4. Fajeto (Mango Kadhi)

This is a traditional Gujarati Kadhi recipe. Gujarati cuisine is known for variety of Kadhi recipes. Fajeto is one of the Gujarati Kadhi recipe in which we add Ripe Mango pulp to the curd with some chili, ginger, salt and other traditional spices. Kadhi preparation includes tempering or tadka of red chilies, curry leaves, fenugreek seeds and cumin seeds.

This recipe is a fusion of sweet mango pulp and the spiciness of the tempering blended with the smoothness of curd. This is an authentic and traditional Gujarati recipe which is prepared often during the mango season. In every Gujarati thali you would definitely find this Kadhi recipe during the summers. So follow the recipe and enjoy the goodness of mango.

5. Mango Kulfi Without Mawa

A yummy dessert recipe is must to end our meal. Kulfi is a traditional Indian dessert prepared from milk and flavored by various ingredients. Kulfi is either served in a form of Popsicle or in form discs.

This Kulfi recipe includes flavor juicy mango infused into milk with some dry fruits and the richness of kesar. This kulfi recipe is without mawa and is pretty easy to make at home. Adding saffron (kesar) to this recipe gives a different flavor to the tasty and makes it totally flavorful. So do try out this flavorful kulfi recipe at home. The recipe is given below.

What are you waiting for? Go get started before the season of 'aam' ends.