4 Mouth Watering Gujarati Khaman Dhokla Recipe by Gujarati Rasoi

Gujarat and Khaman are synonymous with each other. Every city in Gujarat has its own Dhokla recipe like the Live Dhokla of Vadodara or the famous Rasavala Khaman of Surat. Dhokla is a steamed preparation consisting of various dals. The proportion and kind of dal used to make the Dhokla changes the texture and taste of dhokla. In this article we will highlight " Top 4 Dhokla Recipes of Gujarat".

1. Traditional Khaman Dhokla

The first one in our list is the traditional Dhokla of Gujarat. This dhokla is prepared from gram flour and some semolina. These two flours are combined with some green chili- ginger paste to prepare the batter. This batter is fermented and then steamed. The Dhokla is then cut into pieces and tempered with some curry leaves and mustard seeds.

2. Live Dhokla

Live Dhokla is a popular street food available on every street and at every corner of Gujarat. This live dhokla has a different taste than the traditional Gujarati Dhokla. This difference in taste is due to addition of urad dal to this dhokla. Instead of tempering this Dhokla, the Dhokla is topped with some red chili powder and served with chutney. These dhoklas are a major attraction in fairs of Gujarat.

3. Makai Na Dhokla

As name suggests this dhokla recipe consists of corn i.e. makai. The boiled and mashed corn kernels give a sweet taste to the Dhokla which compliments the tadka consisting of green chilies, curry leaves and mustard seeds. These dhoklas are prepared during the monsoon due to availability of fresh and tasty corns. This recipe is an unique combination of sweet and spicy taste.

4. Sev Khamani

Gujaratis are very creative in using leftover ingredients to prepare tasty and lip smacking food recipes. Sev Khamani is one of the innovative and tasty recipe from the Gujarati kitchen which consists of leftover dhokla combined with crispy sev, juicy pomegranate seeds and fresh coriander leaves. The combination of sev and Khaman is just mesmerizing and dominant with fusion of flavors and textures. Sev Khamani of Surat is very famous and one must try it at least once.

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